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Functionality of Home Healthcare Services in Rinconada.


Rebecca Z. Fajardo

Related Institution

University of Saint Anthony


The study aims to assess the functionality of home health care service in Rinconada as perceived by the healthcare provider and the patients, Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions:

1.       What is the profile of the respondents according to: age, gender, employment status, and family income? 2. What is the extent of the home healthcare services rendered by the Health care providers in Rinconada along a.) Gerontologic, b. Care for children c. Postpartum care, d.) postoperative care e.) Care for terminally ill?; 3. Is there a significant difference on the functionality level of Home Healthcare Services as perceived by the Healthcare Provider and the Patient?; 4. What home health care plan can be prepared based on the findings of the study?

The study was premised on the following assumptions that the profile of the respondents vary; that the healthcare providers in Riconada offer varied home health care services; that the respondents agree on the functionality level of home health care in Rinconada; That the home healthcare plan can improve the level of functionality of home healthcare services in Rinconada. Tested on the empirical data at 0.05 level of significance, there is a significant difference on the perception of the respondents on the functionality level of home healthcare services in Rinconada.

                The descriptive survey method was used in this study. The data gathering tools used were questionnaire, interview, observation and documentary analysis. The statistical data used were, three-point scale, percentage, rank order weighted mean, and Kruskal Wallis H test.

                The study revealed that the patient respondents are much younger than the healthcare provider, that mostly of the health providers are volunteer nurses while on the part of the patients are teachers; in case of the monthly income only the patient respondents were asked to answer to determine the capability of the patients to avail home healthcare services. Along this variable, most of the respondents received a monthly income of 10,000.00 - 20,000.00.

                Home healthcare services in Rinconada, were considered very functional by the respondents. Except for the home health care services for patients suffering rheumatism, Parkinson's disease and blindness which were considered by the respondents as non-functional. And that there is a significant difference on the perception of Healthcare provider and patient on the functionality level of home health care services on postoperative care and care for terminally ill patient but showed no significant difference on gerontologic care, care for children and post-partum care. And the proposed home healthcare plan will help the health provider promote home healthcare services in Rinconada



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