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Resilency and Interpersonal Trust Among Female Adolescents Whose Father is involved in Extramarital Affair.


Nissi  D. Aguilar,
Nikki A. Paz

Related Institution

Ateneo de Naga University


This study explored the resiliency and interpersonal trust among selected female adolescents whose father is involved in extramarital affair. A qualitative research design was employed particularly, a descriptive exploratory case method, to get comprehensive description and profound information on the intended problem. The subjects were purposively chosen through referrals. Two sets of researcher-made test questionnaires: N&N demographic profile checklist (DPC) and the N&N Interpersonal Trust Scale and an adapted test questionnaire LAIF Resiliency Scare were used. In-depth interview, photo elicitation and journal entries for life history were the research methods and were analyzed through Methodological and Data Triangulation. This study found that despite the extramarital affair experience of their father, all subjects have high level of resiliency manifested through protective factors such as belief system and effective coping skills. They also manifested risk factors such as resentment, negative coping skills, lack of trust and negative perception towards men. Meanwhile, the subjects have average to high level of interpersonal relationship, communication and competition with regard to their interpersonal trust. Some implications of these results are following subjects of the present study are still able to process themselves despite the adverse experience regarding the extramarital affair of their father. They still capable of trusting. However, they may require prolonged period of time to trust people. Any extramarital affair has extensive unfavorable effects on the life of the children.

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