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Factors Affecting the Health Status of Day Care Children in Banao, Iriga City.


Bienvenida B. Oliva

Related Institution

University of Saint Anthony


This study determine the factors affecting the health status affecting the Day Care Children of Del Rosario, Banao, lriga City. Specifically, it seeks answers to the following questions: 1. What are the demographic characteristics of day care When in Del Rosario, Banao, lriga City in terms of: a) age; b) gender; c) height; d) weight; ' e) birth order ; f) number of siblings?; 2. What is the level of development of day care children along the following domain: a) gross motor; b) tine motor; c) self-help; d) receptive language; e) expressive language; 0 cognitive; and g) social-emotional?; 3. What are the factors affecting the health status of day care children along: a) physical; b) emotional; c) mental; and d) sociocultural?; 4. Is there significant difference in the level of development and the health status of day care children when grouped according to demographic characteristics? and, 5. What intervention program can be proposed to.  

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